Emo, Hardcore, Rock
From: bangor, ME, United States

Band Members

  • Maria Dodge - Vocals
  • Corey Salisbury - Rhythm Guitar/ Acoustic
  • Jake Poirier - Lead Guitar/ Back-Up Vox
  • Jacob Duley - Drums

About Band

Hey everybody!!!! were the REAL Valentina, not those other wanna be Valentinas that arnt even famous! HAHA!!!! Vocals: MARIA DODGE Rhythm Guitar/ Acoustic: COREY SALISBURY Lead Guitar - Back-up Vox: JAKE POIRIER Drums: JACOB DULEY Well heres our story: On The Year Of 2009... Corey and Jake P Decided to make a band At one point the band name was Ass Panther And The Eggplant And then It Was Ashes Of The Innocent, and such but anyhow, Corey And Jake Wanted a Band Around Corey went looking for a descent drummer, and that one day when Corey had a Jazz band show, and met this kid Named Jacob Duley which loved the bands of Mudvayne, Suicide Silence and Slipknot, And the best part was, he played Drums, so Corey told Jake P. about him and he was in A couple months later in the year of 2010, Corey and Jake P. put togethor a beautiful peice of acoustic artwork called: The Bleeding Heart and that was the band name for 2 weeks Straight, and then Corey fell in love so much with his girlfriend the new band name was: Valentina because of her middle name. months later they started seeking a girl vocalist and Jake P. remembered his Ex- Girlfriend and she joined the band, Maria Dodge! So thats their story!!!

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