R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop
From: NY/NJ, NY, United States

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It would be correct to say that Nilaja is on a collision course with success and stardom. The New Jersey native was named ‘Nilaja’ after a long search through the name books. Her mother often remarks, “I gave her the name ‘Nilaja’ because I could always see it up in lights.” Though she remained mostly out of the spotlight during her early childhood, Nilaja always found ways to shine. She excelled in school and extracurricular activities. Though always quiet (and at times very shy), Nilaja eventually blossomed and came out of her shell.     “Initially, I was more inclined to write. I had been doing that for years and it was a comfortable space. I had to get over my shyness because singing and performing is ALL about confidence,” says Nilaja. “I knew I had a voice, I just had to learn how to use it. I worked very hard and every day I continue to because I want to be on top of my game.”   Her talent for songwriting led her to test her hand as an artist and she is proving to be a force to be reckoned with! Armed with a sugary, sultry sound and an electrifying presence, Nilaja has been burning up the stage all along the east coast.   “I always wanted to be an entertainer,” recalls Nilaja. “I would put on concerts in the house, using the top of the steps as the stage. I would sing any and every song I knew…from church hymns to Motown classics. I had a passion for the stage before I even knew what passion was.”   After accomplishing her goal of graduating from college, Nilaja dedicated herself fully to her career. She’s on a mission to be on top.  

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