jerry dowell band

jerry dowell band

jerry dowell band

Blues, Country, Americana
From: Kansas City Metro, KS, United States

Band Members

  • Jerry Dowell - Guitar/Vocals
  • Rick Camp - Guitar/Vocals
  • Justin Rollheiser - Bass
  • James Roswold - Drums/Vocals

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The Ascending Masquerade 2002 Jedd Boudoin F5 Magazine Whichita, KS.

"....a talented songwriter and singer who commits himself fully to whatever path he sets foot upon whit his well-traveled voice and worn but feisty guitar.they close down America's last honkey tonk, Je

 Surely , on the night that they close down America's last honkey tonk, Jerry Dowell will be there either in body or spirit."

Bruce Rogers EKC Kansas City News and Entertainment.

"This CD is a keeper."

Preclude to Apocalypse 2003

Andrew Miller Pitch Weekly

"....ON Prelude,  his second disk, dowell veers from honky-tonk to loop/driven percussive funk to sax-driven free jazz to doo-wop balladry , treating each genre with repect."

"....his rugged, weather-beaten vocals and literate lyrics (the evil I see/ is the conflict that i find inside of me) communicate the samr apealing personality regardless of the backdrop."

Jedd Beaudoin F5 Whichita, KS

"..... Although Dowell doesnt stand alone in his stylistic diveristy , he's one of a not-overly-large circle of artists whoe ability to transverse nearly the whole spectrum of popular American music in the course of a single album and do it with authenticity and depth."




exploring the world of words i've come to music and poetry as if it were the last expressions of Reality worth fighting for, worth their commitment to documentation, heralded to the masses or none other than the wall and windows, ideas no longer mute.

anything within grasp to underpin the power of the word. . . .guitars, electric and acoustic, harmonica, vocal harmony, percussion, pro-tools, drum machines. . . . Blues Mad, Country Lonesome, Rebel Rock, Jazz Coolness. . . . all for the love of the word.    ~  jerrydowell

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