Acoustic, Alternative, Other
From: Wahaka, United States

Band Members

  • Eliseo - Guitar/Back-up Vocals
  • Jimmy - Guitar/Bass
  • Sam - Guitar/Vocals
  • Will - Guitar/Vocals

About Band

Two Boys

sixteen dragons

A world of adventure

One day two friends, Jack and JACK, had an idea, they would start there very own line of fast food vending dispensers, but that didn't work out so they decided to start a music making squad, otherwise known as a band. They called it IBU. Now these two boys were excellent singers/songwriters/guitarists/pantomimes, but there were some serious gaps in there line up.
They went to there good friend JJ Hanks to have him join there freedom quartet, but soon realized, he was very untalented and useless (just kidding jimmy) but they kept him around anyways.

After that they drove to Maine, but that has nothing to do with anything.

Then they went to there good buddy William Shatner to see if he wanted to join, he didn't.
So they tortured him into submission and renamed him Charlie.

Then they went to the grocery store, and saw a girl named Jean. She slipped on some ice and died.
Soon after this they met a guy named Jean and he joined the band, because of his incredible whistling abilities.

After this they started recording there first CD, they named it, The Legend of Burhan's chin, in remembrance of some toast that they had once shared at a diner.
The CD was a complete success IBU made two copies, and then shipped them to Panama.

Elated by there amazing success with The Legend of Burhan's chin, they soon started recording a follow up EP entitled They're Looking at Girls.
It was even better than The Legend of Burhan's chin and IBU shipped it to Panama as well.
After two amazing recording endeavors IBU was tired, so they slept for four years.
Then they made a CD called New Songs! (Except Tracks One Through Fifteen) they named it this because the songs on the CD werent new they had just never been played before.

Then they took a break, and took the afternoon off.
Then the next day the recorded a follow up EP entitled, Down to Every Single Ice Cream Man. It won many awards from such award givers as, Sexy News at 5, The William Shatner Awards, The IBU Official IBU Awards, and Many Other Choices.

IBU is now at work on their new CD, A Show Worth Watching. It is scheduled to release sometime before 2080, when they hope to release their first line of vacum cleaner/washing machine hybrids.

And Josh (Charlie) is out of the band. More info on the blog!
Line up will now include a microwave oven, we dub him: Atwynn the wondercat.

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Website: mysite.verizon.net/vzesffkz
Website: purevolume.com/ibu
Website: unsigned.com/ibu
Website: ibupodcast.mypodcast.com
Website: myspace.com/IBUband

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