Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie
From: Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Music is my life...i started playing drums when i was 5 and just moved into so many different instruments over the years. I was stubborn about my learning process, i never took any lessons and refused to ever play cover tunes, for some reason i knew by doing so would create a unique, all my own style. I now play keys, anything with percussion, bass, guitar, vocals, have my own little studio, record, mix all on my own. Everything you hear was created and recorded by me alone. My focus is hip hop, I've always loved hip hop since the days of Slick Rick, Leaders of the new school, Tribe called quest and so on. The problem now is...hip hop (on a main stream level) is so redundant, and for me, has lost its power. My goal is to focus on the modern poetry that made hip hop. Lyrics and beats...the 2 fundemental elements of the music....where the FUCK have they gone? Im not in this to become famous or for money...I dont even care if you dont like my music or eevn give it a listen, i do this purely for the LOVE. I started my own indie lable called True 2 Form Records about a year ago, its doing quite well...my website www.true2formrecords.com has just cleared 32,688 subscribed fans and gets over 40,000 hits a month. Im happy with that.

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Website: www.true2formrecords.com

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