Alternative, Ambient, Indie
From: Henderson, NV, United States

Band Members

  • Amber Corby - Vocalist/Guitar

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Amber Corby better known as “Clover” is a solo singer/songwriter/musician. She moved to Las Vegas from Kona, Hawaii to begin her musical career in 2007.

Growing up her ambition was dancing and writing, though she harbored an appreciation of fine arts. She later discovered her calling was music. Influenced by artists Mazzy Star, Coldplay, Joann Jett, Fugazi and Cat Power.

In 2009 she started the indie, progressive four piece band “Dreamwire” which consisted of members: Josh Stuart, Teo Ramirez, and Nathan Geving. They completed and one self-titled album “Dreamwire” in 2010.

“It takes quite a bit of talent to transform a typical saloon into an ambient daydream. Fortunately, Dreamwire has that talent. From the top of their set until the very last strum, the Vegas-based shoegaze act kept a constant flow of melodic tunes surging from the speakers. Dreamwire was the headlining act in a charity event for Huntington’s Disease awareness. Everyone swayed and watched in an appreciative gloominess as the band played most of the songs from their self-titled debut album. They opened up their set with “Alien”: Amber “Clover” Corby sang like a siren while bandmates Joshua “Lowtone” Stuart and Nathan Geving accompanied with guitars. The band showed off their skills during fan-favorite “City Lights.” It was very impressive to see the band perform in total unison—switching from keyboards to guitars and back as the show progressed. From the intense cymbal-crashing to the other-worldly lyrics, the members of Dreamwire were quite the extraterrestrials.”- Vegas Seven Magazine.

“Clover” has now begun to launch her solo career as a singer-songwriter and is currently working on her first solo album “Lovage” scheduled for release January 2013.

Alot different than the previous album. It seems clear that while Amber has developed her own sound, she continues to push the boundaries with new material. Amber’s blend of vocal and lyrical content gives a stark contrast while incorporating 90's Grunge, 80's new wave, and experimental tones. 

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