Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures

Punk, Alternative, Rock
From: Sparks, NV, United States

Band Members

  • The Sauce - Lead Vocals
  • Adam Heaivilin - Guitar
  • Matt Angel - Guitar
  • Richie Sauceda - Drums
  • Homer Crate - Bass

About Band

Drastic Measures is a band from Reno, Nevada that formed in March 2006. Adam Heaivilin (Guitarist) and Dan Sauceda (Lead Vocals) were old high school buddies who one day at a party decided to form a band. It may have seemed like drunk talk at first but it eventually lead to a seriousness of great original punk/alternative rock. At another party they eventually picked up Ryan Dawley (Bass/Back-up Vocals) and Shawn Olsen (Guitar/Back-up Vocals). Searching for a drummer they found a guy named Danny (Drums). The first several months Drastic Measures kept up with practicing, and attempts to writing enough material to hopefully one day play a show. However, before they could get around to that Danny had to leave the band to be a recording engineer in Los Angeles. Shawn eventually left to pursue a family somewhere in Idaho.

Just when it seemed Drastic Measures was falling apart, Dan called up what he had left of the band and persuaded them to keep on moving. This led to Dan’s brother, Richie Sauceda (Drummer) of Only Innocent Die to step in on drums. With limited committed musicians in Reno, the band decided to step it up a notch. They created a myspace (www.myspace.com/drasticmeasuresreno) and recorded their 4 song demo “She’s Emo” in August 2007. In September 2007 they finally had several guitar auditions and found a guitarist who best suited their style, Matt Angel. It only took 3 months of self management and practice with a full new roster to headline their first ever show at Open Ground Skate Park in December 2007. From there on, playing more shows and not to mention their myspace has been steadily increasing their fan base.

Thanks to myspace they were also discovered and sponsored by a clothing company in New Jersey called North/South Clothing. North/South Clothing put their song “To All My Friends” on a compilation called Two in the Bush which is being distributed in New Jersey, Arizona, California, New York, and other places around the United States. Drastic Measures has also sent out their demos free to friends who live out of the United States. For more exposure DM is hoping to tour in the summer of 2009 through California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Drastic Measures is a band built on their own common personal ideals. Ideals that involve mutual respect and friendship being made examples of… and the concept that good music can change a life, can inspire a young kid to be something better than what growing up in Reno will make him or her. The lyrics are based on normal issues that normal people face from their teens to middle age and beyond. The music is channeled from the very souls from the people who wield the instruments and the man who holds the microphone. This band is a culmination of all the failed experiments each musician has faced in previous band encounters, and there is one common goal… to move forward.

They are a band who is interested in seeing what limits can be pushed, bent, broken, mangled, and outright annihilated. Each member draws from a different influence, but every idea is fused into one common sound. To the people with the short attention spans they are a fast, loud, melodic slap in the face. DM is always interested in finding new ways to make you jump around, chant choruses, pump fists, and provide a little fun and variety in a serious and stale rock music world. Their mission has always been to make the Reno scene worth peoples money again like it was when 7 Seconds were around, and to make sure that there will always be a band worth seeing every time. Most of all, to see what boundaries have not yet been crossed in Reno’s vast pool of rock music, and to bring a little fun and family to the local scene.

Drastic Measures have a variety of influences. Pennywise, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Smoke Or Fire, Strung Out, Metallica, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few.

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Website: myspace.com/drasticmeasuresreno

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