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My biography is simply this, before there was a DJ TYME i grew up listening to real muisc, The P-funk to the G-Funk, to late 80s music. Music is my passion and not a daytiime hobby. Growing up in a home where music was played frequently it became something i wanted to become apart of. Early Stages- around the time i was growing up my father always played george clinton and the parliment which sparked my first interest into music with my favorite song "atomic dog" along with The gap band, zapp and roger, even goin as far the temptations, the o'jays, marvin gaye, teddpy pendergrass, and all other "old artist" that rap has much sampled from. Fast forward 5-10yrs old - I've always been a fan of rap when i was introduced to grandmaster flash and the furious five with my first rap record being "the messeage" from then on i was introduced to such artist as big daddy kane, epmd,jungle brothers, busy bee, kool mo dee, run-dmc, eric sermon and rakim, n.w.a., ghetto boys just to name a few artist at that point i was listening too  or freqently played in the era where rap had meaning and wasn't fully commercialized. Fast Foward 10-16yrs- Then became what known as the begining of "Gangster Music" this is when i started to heavliy listen to one of my favorite artist to date 2pac, one of my biggest inspirations to become apart of rap, then Notorious BIG with his unmatchable storytelling and swag abilites. As well as Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg,The Hot Boys, Jay-z,Nas,T.I., Dogg Pound, and the list goes on. Around the time in middle school highschool, i decided to take a chance after meetin my Cuzin Donnie Menace who had been in the biz for minute which is my main inspiration to do music and do something with it, after hearing him spit his undeniable flow over some old records he had my mission became clear "make music" and i started of with a 3 man group Me(Bonez), zach(Casanova),chris(i forgot) and we called ouselves M.O.B.(Money Over Bitches) collectively even tho the name was played out, the group eventually disbanded due to recording conflicts and internal differences and that was that we recorded 3 songs collectively but nothing came of it. Fast Forward16-Presents- After a failed music venture and finally graduating highschool after several moves  i remained in contact with my cousin Donnie Menace, after being medically discharged from th air force to start a new life, Donnie Menace exposed me to the more underground side of music which reingnited my passion for music, artist like Techn9ne,ill bill,Necro,Esham,I.C.P,The Flatliners,Brotha lynch Hung, Boot Camp Clik, and NoN-Phixon. Now i take on the persona of DJ Tyme, putting the best music artist i know and work with.

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