Alternative, Indie, New-Wave
From: Reading, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Philboyd Studge - guitar & singer
  • Knox Burger - bass, keyboard & noises

About Band

Cathode Ray Mission are:

Philboyd Studge - guitar & singer
Knox Burger - bass, keyboard & noises

Two fuckwit cunts from Reading who think people want to listen to the dross they record, and with hardly enough cash to hire me, Fritz Wagner, to promote their cocksucking songs.

Aping sounds and songs from other, better artists, from the past, Studge & Burger are compling enough gash together to call an album. Their first single, Unchanging, is exclusively uploaded here, cause no other respectable fuckng website will allow me to upload such shite for public comsumption. If you give a shit, a second single will be uploaded soon, but don't ask when, cause these two talentless fuckfaces are due six  months of promotional fees to me - substantial loot in my line of work.

*** UPDATE *** Studio time has been booked at the end of April/early May to record new material (yes, in their skankhole bedroom... yes, they do share). Depending on how the "sessions" go, some new rip-off material may be abusing your fucked-up eardrums soon.

The songs 'Communism in action', 'Faux punk', 'Mistaken_Identity_7b' and 'The Buyer' (to be uploaded) are from Studge & Burger's first group called 'Pop Acoustique' - an ambitious project that attempted to produce sounds from organic instruments/sources, and to genetically modify them to produce electric music (Studge & Burger's own pretentious words, not fucking mine). Pop Acoustique did appear on Channel 4 (the now defucnt unsigned bands' website, not the TV station), the closest the band got to any kind nationwide exposure after being nominated for the most unknown artist on the website with only 10 views - a meaningless awards they just missed out on by 1 view.

If you are interested in hiring these two sexadelic ballbags for your teenage parties, contact me on the e-mail address on this page, stating destination, date, and age at time of party (so I can tell the lads whether they can bone you or not - this is a girls only offer lads; I know I said Studge & Burger were cocksuckers, but that's just a figure of fucking speech), and I will send a foulfuckingmouthedreplytellingyoutopayupfrontorfuckthefuckoff.


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