Brandon Desmond

Brandon Desmond

Brandon Desmond

Rock, Acoustic, Pop
From: York, ME, ME, United States

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I first picked up the guitar when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Even though I couldn't play any songs until I was about 9, I wrote my own stuff that still makes me run behind stuff to hide when I hear it. Around 2005, my first real band started out called Kaiser. We were mainly trying to emulate Dave Matthews Band, and it didn't work out. In 2007, we recorded our first CD under the name, The Shadowhawks, and after that we did nothing, because we didn't have any supporters at the time. When I was on my third unofficial solo album, there was a rather catholic song titled Easter Feaster, which became my first successful song. In 2009, Kaiser got back together for another album, this one called Unknown, because we couldn't think of any title track to call it. It became the starting point for my best written songs, like Sarah, Good Times, and One Night. A year later, we recorded as the band Kaiser BAJJ, the BAJJ standing for each band member's name. The third album, called Beautiful Girl, was the starting point for the top songs I've written. Like Blue-Silver Girl, Abby Tree, Ordinary Life, and Call of the Wild. 2011 was the beginning of my band Martyrs, with the first album being publicized on the date 1/1/11. Six months after came the second album, Your Point of View, then four months was the third, Get Down. In December of 2011, I came to a realization and thought to myself, "This is the time. Now I need to get my music out in the world in a professional form." Which brings me to where I am now. I hope to have my musical life unfold in the same way Avril Lavigne's did. And I know that I am unordinary, cuz I have five guitars, and only one is in standard tuning.

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