B. A. Da Don

B. A. Da Don

B. A. Da Don

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Greenville, NC, United States

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Whats poppin hip-hop!!!...This ya mans number one enemy or your girlfriend's boyfriend...B. A. Da Don aka Yung Assassin...I been doing this rap thing since elementary, i been a beast since eigth grade, i been the realest since 12th grade, and i am the illest rapper unsigned right now...i put that on my hood ya feel me...and they can back me up....You got your rappers tat can kill a R&B track, but have no hood in them...you got the hood ones that cant do the R&B...then you got the freestyle writers...they can write track to others beat....but cant do their own songs...ya feel me...well me..never that, im the full package...they call me "Mr. Music you can relate to"...listen to the mixtape, you can relate to 75% of it...i guarantee...Speaking of mixtapes, right now im working on the 5th mixtape entitled, "The Final  Exam"...I am naming it this, because this better be the last mixtape i do unsigned, you feel me...im just starting to let people listen to my music...I been doing mixtapes, but i never had any connect to get them out...so really industry wise, this is going to be the first mixtape....but B. A. Da Don, is about to be on the map!!!ya smell me???But my old mixtapes entitled "The Main Attraction", "Too High For T.V.", "My Soul-O", and the most recent "Who Is B. A. Da Don"...If you would like to hear some of my old tracks, feel free to ask...so i can prove to you i been a beast on these  beats...i really was influenced by 2-Pac...everbody loves Pac, and if you dont, you dont love rap...fuck what ya heard...but comin up it was all 2-Pac and Fabolous...them my niggas til the day i put the mic down...but that aint going down, im bout to get it tattoed on the inside of my hand...i can sit here and tell you bout my past...or i can just let you here "My Soul-O", this was the mixtape that was all about me....(It was my solo, but the tracks came from my soul, so it was My Soul-o)...But the future...i am 100% sure im ready for the game and there is a spot at the top...the very top...im talkin right beside God...ya feel me....these rappers aint fucking wit me....Thanks for visiting my page...i know you gon like what you see...

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