Ashley Lenartson

Ashley Lenartson

Ashley Lenartson

Pop, Hard rock, Dance
From: portland, ME, United States

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FAMOUS MUSIC UNLTD: LOOKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO SING SOME OF MY POP SONGS WHICH ARE INTERNATIONAL IN SCOPE I am Influenced heavily by American Top 40 and artists like Tangerine Dream, Donna Summer, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Supremes, Diana Ross, Jean Michel Jarre, Bjork, et. al. I have studied music very little and have the gift of Clairaudience. I also have other Psychic Gifts that I use every now and then to Predict my Future in this World. Or, other people. It's not an easy road. I was raised by The Dysfunction Junction Gang and have them to thank for who I am and who I am becoming. I allow other people to record my lyrics as I am best at that. I am also good at making people laugh. Hope & Sound Heals the Heart. Maverick Ashley Lenartson BLESSINGS 2020-2021!!! to listen to my full Pop Rock Album "Makin' Traxx Part 1 Greatest Hits". Thanks so, if I could just get a DISTRIBUTION DEAL for one song that would be great.

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