Alice Sweet Alice

Alice Sweet Alice

Alice Sweet Alice

Alternative, Psychedelic, Gothic
From: New England, ME, United States

Band Members

  • Ali Kat - Vocals, Keyboards
  • Jeffrey Galios - Guitars
  • Scott Martinez - Bass, Vocals

About Band

Alice Sweet Alice (ASA), specializing in Metal-Driven Psychogoth and based in New England—USA, was formed on Halloween of 2007.  Hailing from New England, Alice Sweet Alice is methodically pummeling cyberspace with their dynamic original sound scapes. Past accomplishments include Scott releasing a 9-song LP with SF, California’s Autumn Cathedral, and sharing a bill with such acts as Fields of the Nephilim, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Posies, Wire Train, Diatribe and Neurosis.

ASA obtained its’ full lineup after teaming up with vocalist and keyboardist Ali Kat and guitarist Jeffrey Galios in the fall of 2007.  William Xavier is a recurring participant, beginning with ASA's first album, and now on all current tracks, pounding the drums into oblivion.  ASA is currently beginning to promote their premier release, First Light, released August 19, 2008, and is available for sale through their own record label Cauldron Soundwerx,  (  ASA is also working with Ravenheart Music, in the UK. 

ASA have been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd and the Doors for their hard-hitting rock and psychedelic tendencies, and The Floyds, Smashing Pumpkins, Clan of Xymox, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine for their inspired use of the darkwave sonic spectrum.  ASA's music has been described as being complex, yet intricately textured with dark overtones that synthesize their European and American influences, generating a sound which is both innovative and trademark.  Songs vary from serene to turbulent in their aesthetic use of acoustics, found samples, electric guitar effects, and synth-composition.  ASA’s music is enhanced with powerful presentations that combine both theater and raw energy.  ASA emphasizes songwriting, as dramatic lyrical performance is meshed with structured noise.

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