Aleka Javadi

Aleka Javadi

Aleka Javadi

Pop, Rock, Soul
From: London, United Kingdom

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"I first discovered Aleka in 2010 & knew immediately I wanted to produce her. She has a great sophisticated stylish image & an interesting blend of cultures. Her voice has a lot of presence, sits well on a track & layers up beautifully to make a warm bed of backing vocals. She writes moving lyrics - "You Are Everywhere" is extremely touching & her intimate delivery of the vocal makes you feel you are in the room with her. I believe she is a star waiting to break!" Andy Whitmore, 2011 (top-10 hit producer of Lemar, Eternal, Terence Trent D’Arby and others) OK. So I’m meant to write a bio about myself in this section here. Never done that before… GREAT!!! Let’s get started with my babyhood. My Mum likes to mention that when I was still a little Aleka trying to walk in preschool, the nurse urged her and my Dad to enrol me into musical preschool because while other kiddies would learn how to speak, I would prefer to be constantly singing (or should I say “trying to sing” at that tender age?...) and dancing. Additionally, my parents encouraged the development of my musical side with classical and pop piano lessons and the moment I was able to have 3 jobs at the same time while going to school, I spent all my money on vocal lessons and buying CDs. I’ve always loved Michael Jackson because of his grooves, his catchy hook lines and the simplicity of perfect melodies. I adore Queen for their extraordinary and unique rocky style and Marvin Gaye for his soulfulness. While Nina Simone inspired me with her deep and warm tone of voice, urban acts like Wu-Tang Clan introduced me to innovative sounds and hip hop beats. Classical music stars such as Tchaikowski or Prokofjew have been great influences as well. However, not only is my music rooted in different music genres, but thanks to my being raised trilingual and my cultural diversity, music from various backgrounds, especially the Mediterranean, had just as much of an impact as occidental musical phrasings. The exposure to these various musical types led to the creation of my music, melting together electric and acoustic guitars, the traditional Greek bouzouki, todays’ pop music tones, catchy melodies and much more. Like many other artists, I also started my musical journey by fronting a cover band and gigging every week, be it for happy wedding parties, formal company events or lively city festivals. During this time the press loved to write charming comments about my voice and we got invited to some of those simple but entertaining and friendly local TV shows. I’ve worked with Alexis Grower (Tinchy Stryder) and Jens Krause (Randy Crawford, Fury in the Slaughterhouse) in the Peppermint Park Studios (Anastacia, Tom Jones, Phil Collins) who stated that my voice was “too unique to stay in the background”…. And I am very proud to have just finished the production of 3 great songs with the excellent top-hit producer Andy Whitmore (Lemar, Eternal etc.). I sing, compose music on the piano, write the lyrics and coproduce my songs. Each song is based on my experiences or my feeling for somebody or something. I don’t want to make stories up and be someone fake, I like to be me without having to pretend. Since the real me has various colours and backgrounds, this can also be heard in my voice and music. When I sing about dealing with the death of my Father in “You are everywhere”, I guess I sound sad, fragile at times and emotional. In contrast to this, the song “No” shows the strong-minded rebellious side of me, standing up for what I believe and being passionate about it. People say that they get goose bumps when they listen to my voice. They say that they can relate to my experiences, that they feel with me. Stay updated about my soon to be upcoming gigs and CD release by visiting my site and: hope you’ll feel me too.

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