Alastair Lawson

Alastair Lawson

Alastair Lawson

Acoustic, Indie, Pop
From: Casper, WY, United States

About Artist

Hi my name is Alastair Lawson, orginally from Wokingham, England. I now live over in the USA in Wyoming for the time being!

I really began writing songs in 2009 upon arriving in the USA for the 3rd time, before that I honestly spent far too long concerend about what some perceptions might be towards my ability as a songwriter. Through many torn pages, frustrated housemates at 3 in the morning, broken strings, no recording device, no guitar or lyrics that made any sense what so ever, I was lucky enough to meet a few very talented people who helped me on my journey towards playing music

I met a girl who happened to like singing a lot, met an unbelievable amount of phenomenal musicians who not only inspired me to create but also helped me to do so, I met a very generous guy named Josh who lent me his beautiful acoustic guitar for a year when I didnt have any money to buy one myself and I met a kind gentleman who said come on over and record in my attic studio! Without the support of the people who just love to make music I would'nt be sitting here with a handful of songs today. Inspiration can go a long way. I've performed in a few major cities including Boston and Porstmouth nh, busked in San Fransciso and Montreal and sung in some small town halls, bars and bahns. I've enjoyed every moment of it.

 I hope you enjoy my music and thankyou so much for checking me out.

All the best, Alastair Lawson

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