AJ Misterio

AJ Misterio

AJ Misterio

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: London, United Kingdom

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My name is  AJ Misterio a.k.a Mr Shadow

Originally Born on the west side of Democratic Republic of Congo, June 28th, 1989 but now I hail from the city of London, England

I'm a songwriter, singer, rapper, and producer,

I started out as a little yut on a football (soccer) pitch at 14 where I got signed to Manchester United, but then got severely injured and that was the end of that, until music knocked on my door and I started writing at 16 and began taking my music seriously at the age of 18

In 2008, I was signed to my manager and we founded my own record label Eternal Soulja Records and my production company E.S.P.N. (Eternal Soulja Productions Network), both part of the Luchini Music Group (Records, Publishing, Distribution, Manaufacture & Militalia Artist Services (M.A.S), who are my management, agents, business managers & lawyers which he is the CEO of

I'm also co-partner in both of the companies I mentioned

I got the business mind and I jus wanna get my music out there and I want to sign up as many new rappers singers and producers to my label, so if you want to get signed or do a colaboration, holla at me

Music is my passion and God has giving me the gift and I gotta use it, Hopefully my music will inspire some people including those who wanna hate !!

The truth behind a shadow, many look at me and say Misterio's A Fake, and that he's never done this, never don that, he's never been here and never been there, let me put it down to you this way, just because we went to the same high school don't mean you know me, what i did before you knew me you won't know, what i did after that you won't know, I'm the type who does things undercover, a shadow, a mystery, now my haters ya'll need to know all they do is make me look better they give me more to do, you can't blame me for being creative, blame your self for being uneducated, telling me your better than me, (that's all kool) but I can put together a track and freestyle, i don't care if ya'll think it will sale or not, lets be wise stop chasing a shadow and start chasing a dream, (STOP CHASING ME AND FOCUS ON GETTIN YA'LL OWN GREENS)

Ya'll if you want good advice and representation, then holla at my No.2, (my Underboss & Consigliere) at the email address above 

Mr Ray "Styles" Di Francese

Manager/Agent/Accountant and Attorney



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Website: www.myspace.com/misterio8
Website: www.reverbnation.com/ajmisterio

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