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A Game Production

A Game Production

Experimental, Other
From: London, United Kingdom

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A-Game aka DJ Smerkz is a up and coming producer who has been into production/recording since he was 6 years of age. As he grew up and realised what a good talent he had, he decided to take this on as a role in his life. It was in early 2006 when he people in his local area started to notice that he was gifted with a special talent to (Produce Music). Further on during the year many young artist such as Rappers, MC's and Singers began to ask him to produce instrumentals for them. Once he started doing this he then gradually started to make money from producing music for young people of his age. He now has his own producing/recording studio in his bedroom at home. He is also highly incouraged by his family such as his Mum, Dad, Sister's, Aunty's, Uncle's And Cousin's. They always say to him, never give up no matter how much people try put u down. He is now producing for a young recording artist known as KIDZEE, who he has grew up with through out the years.

If you want me 2 produce instrumentals for you feel free 2 holla at me

Facebook: A-Game Prod

Myspace: www.myspace.com/agameproduction

Msn y.ozzie@hotmail.com & deejaysmerkz@hotmail.com

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Website: Facebook: A-Game Prod
Website: www.myspace.com/agameproduction

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