Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: charlotte, NC, United States

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Born Sept 5th 1985 Tyhien Dautn Fielder.The youngest of four,he has two older brothers and one sister.Never did he think he would become a rapper or fall in love with the music business.His mind was always on how can he take a dollar and make a dollar!He was inspired by to cousins to write a rap about women.From there they took off puting a group together F.O.E.FamilyOverEverything! 36 Shawty came from 36st where it was alot of tricking,drug dealing and a hole lot of other things.His daddy died when he was a baby so that left him with just his mom and siblings and step father in dat two bedroom apt!The rest is history in the making tune in to a street poet to get the vision from 36 Shawty point of view!TUH

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