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2MHK (To Make Him Known) is a band whose mission is found in its name: Know God and make him known to others. Blending a mix of guitar driven Christian rock songs and also some contemplative tunes, 2MHK prays that God can be seen and worshipped through what is said/sung and also how it is played.

In mid-2008, God began to pour these songs out from Brad's heart.  Wanting to honor God with instrumentation as well as words, Straightforward was produced and recorded throughout 2009. 

The band 2MHK has formed as a result of the recording and desire to keep the message and image  straightforward.  Brad Kornegay toured with ARC Ministiries (Allegan, MI) as a drummer from 1997 to 1999 and has been actively playing (drums, bass, guitar) in the praise band at Winter Park Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC since 2000.  Phillip Drew (vocals and guitar) also has been active at WIinter Park Baptist for many years as a part of the drama ministy and praise team.  Eric Barton, on bass and keyboard, brings his passion for music to the group and also has been active in the Winter Park Praise Team since 2006.  Dean Bennett, on drums, has experience in various bands and also has been playing with the youth and adult praise teams at Winter Park. 

2MHK exists solely for it's stated name.  That He be made known through what we do, say, and play.

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Website: www.2mhk.com

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