1.Solo Soul R&b Artist

1.Solo Soul R&b Artist

1.Solo Soul R&b Artist

Soul, R&B
From: London, United Kingdom

About Artist

Born in 1981 in France, growing up in an "unrich" context, quite low in the social ladder, with foreigner parents, this young boy was quickly attracted by the Urban culture that was born just a few years before him: Hiphop culture.

Feeling more than confortable in this atmosphere in which there was no room for those diferences that he sometimes felt, such as rascism, unequality, etc..., he became part of the Hiphop movement by learning Breakdancing and Beatboxing.

Then, in the middle of his teenage, he discovered SOUL MUSIC, and found in it a sensitivity that was completely new for him, and naturaly, it was the begining of a great Love Story.

This sensitivity that characterised him, was soon mixed to some kind of strengh and agressivity when he dicovered the "Noble Art" of Boxing.

An explosive mix that you can feel throught out his voice, and the way he transcribes his emotions in his music.

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Website: www.myspace.com/theycallmesolo

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